Thursday, March 19, 2009

Priyanka Chopra Admires Katrina Kaif's Sexy Hot body

This is something we hardly even hear…apparently Priyanka Chopra has expressed her admiration for pal Katrina Kaif’s fine-looking body, saying that people die to achieve a body like her and men die for such bodies.

Priyanka was pretty eloquent about the fact that Katrina is blessed with an attractive body, and women envied her incredible figure.

"She's a gorgeous girl," Showbiz magazine quoted her as saying. "A lot of women would die to look as good as she looks, her boobs and butts are awesome.

Wonder how far this is true…I don’t read this Showbiz magazine’s so don’t really know…but anyways this is big news to me….because I heard one beautiful lady should never say that another lady is prettier than her…I think it’s a dialogue from devdas…not sure though…

Anyways i think both are fantastic comments on you think!


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